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How Soccer Teams Can Bond On A Trip To Costa Rica

Soccer is a team sport, and the closer a team grows, the better it plays. One of the greatest benefits of a trip with Costa Rica Soccer Tours is the bonding that occurs for the entire team.

Communication and teamwork are vital to success in soccer. And the way individual team members interact with each other can make the difference between winning and losing on the field. This is why teams see the value of team-bonding activities.

If you’re looking for a way to bring your team together like never before, it’s hard to top a trip with us. Here are some ways you can bond as a team in Costa Rica:

1. Unite in the Biggest Group Hug

Community Service Costa Rica

Bond as a team by doing a community service project that caters to children living in underprivileged conditions. Most of our teams choose to visit one of these centers, playing with the kids and giving them hugs and affection. The children love these visits, and the visitors always say it’s one of the highlights of their trips. Click here to read about the community service options we offer.

2. Get a Great Tan Together

Beach Soccer Costa RicaThe weather is great all year long, and Costa Rica has some incredible golden beaches. We always recommend our teams to visit the beach, train in the sand and challenge locals to a pickup game in front of the sea.

3. Overcome the Challenges of Playing in a Foreign Land

Soccer Costa RicaYou will face local teams at your level in friendly but super-competitive matches. You will see new soccer techniques and tactics, playing in a different climate with refs who will challenge you in Spanglish ;). All of these experiences will bring your team closer together, and will make you a tougher team to beat.

4. Experience Some High-Adrenaline Adventure Together

Water Rafting Costa RicaHave you heard of oxytocin? This hormone encourages positive inter-social relations according to a New York Times article. When doing a physical activity with a team, the positive emotions can cause an oxytocin ripple effect which leads to better team bonding and performance. Try paddling a raft in unison in fast water! Conquer the fear of heights as you soar through the treetops on cables!

5. Face the Challenges of Speaking Español as a Group

Markets Costa RicaWe’ll provide an English- speaking guide who accompanies the group just about everywhere, but you’ll also face situations as a group where you have to figure out how to communicate in a foreign language. Pick up some Spanish as you bargain with vendors at a farmer’s market or a souvenir stand, try new foods, learn some Costa Rican dances and make friends with the locals.

Costa Rica Soccer Tours has been arranging team trips to this country for close to 25 years. We are passionate about providing a rich and varied experience that will expose your team to several of this country’s beautiful climates. And we are experts at matching up our visitors with challenging local teams.



Let us take care of everything while you enjoy and see your team bond like never before. We offer a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else but in Costa Rica! Contact us to plan your trip today.