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Distanced but United as a Team!
May 19, 2020

Five thoughtful ways to motivate your soccer team and get your players ready for the season.

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Community Service Costa Rica
How Soccer Teams Can Bond On A Trip To Costa Rica
July 28, 2019

Your team will be friends for life- on and off the field!

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Denison University’s Global Soccer Class Takes On Costa Rica
March 26, 2019

Denison University is no stranger to the gem that is Costa Rica!

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Why Visiting Costa Rica Can Improve Your Soccer Team’s Game
March 5, 2019

We found that 60% of the college teams we hosted had a better win-loss record the year after visiting Costa Rica than the year before. Coincidence? We doubt it.

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College of Charleston logo
College of Charleston Women’s Soccer Visits Costa Rica
July 28, 2018

Congrats to the entire team on bringing home their second win in a friendly match against one of Costa Rica’s national teams!

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