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6 Ways to have an Authentic Soccer Experience in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans work hard, laugh hard and play hard, and the thing they play hardest is soccer.

Fútbol is more than a sport in this country — it’s a national obsession, and Keylor Navas is the new national hero. For your team, a visit to Costa Rica can provide total immersion in a soccer experience that is second to none.

Here are some of the best ways we at Costa Rica Soccer Tours can make that happen.

1) Play competitive matches against great local teams.

Whether we’re hosting college, high school or youth teams, we are experts at pairing them up in matches with Costa Rican teams at their level.

We know the strength of the local teams and we set up games that won’t end in a blowout for either side. The visitors get a good feel for the fast, physical and technical style of Costa Rican play.

Saprissa girls team vs West Region girls team

The popular local team of Saprissa played the West Region girls team in our ODP U17 tournament.


2) Attend a professional game.

If there’s a professional soccer game scheduled during your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to attend. Many North American soccer teams live in places where watching the pros play in their area is not an option, but Costa Rica is a small country where the professionals play frequently. Watch how Costa Rica’s best players perform on the field, plus experience firsthand the madness of the fans in the stands.

Elmhurst College women’s soccer

Elmhurst College women’s soccer watched the pro-team of Heredia beat Alajuela during their visit last March.


3) Train with a professional Costa Rican coach.

One option we offer is a training session with coaches from the professional leagues, who can teach you strategies and tactics that may be completely new to you. Some players have said their training session with a pro coach was one of the most valuable experiences of their trip.

Newbridge Soccer Academy training session.

Marco Berrocal and Sergie Runge (both youth team coaches at Liga Deportiva Alajuelense) had a training session for Newbridge Soccer Academy.


4) Visit Costa Rica’s National Stadium.

Your team will also get a chance to visit Costa Rica’s stunning National Stadium, the finest sports venue in Central America. Built in 2011 at a cost of $100 million, financed entirely by China as a gift to the Costa Rican people, the 35,175-seat stadium is home to the Costa Rican national team.

Loras College women's team.

Loras College women’s team took some time to visit the stadium, see the building interiors and get a picture near the grass.


5) Play a pickup game on the beach.

Costa Rica is famous for its golden beaches, and you’ll be surprised how many people there are ready to play some barefoot football. Practice your Spanish by challenging the locals to a “mejenga” (pickup game) and see what happens.

ODP South Region Blanca Beach

Blanca Beach was the spot where the ODP South Region boys created an imaginary field for a mejenga.


6) Organize a soccer clinic for underprivileged kids.

All our visitors engage in some kind of community service, often by visiting drop-in centers for children living in poverty. These kids are always thrilled with the visit of the extranjeros, who give them hugs and piggyback rides and, yes, soccer lessons. We encourage your team to create a mini-soccer clinic for the kids in need at one of these centers. You’ll be amazed what an emotional and heartwarming experience this can be for all involved.


Are you as passionate about soccer as we are? Don’t miss this opportunity! Take the next step and find out how easy doing a tour with your team can be.