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Meet the Division I Teams
August 17, 2020

Women’s Soccer in Costa Rica Series: Learn about the brave hearts and sacrifices behind Costa Rica’s climb in the ranks of women’s soccer in Central America.

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Staying Strong Despite the Challenges
June 29, 2020

Women’s Soccer in Costa Rica Series: Fun facts and milestones about women’s soccer

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Rocky Rodriguez, Costa Rican Soccer Standout: ‘Keep that passion alive’
April 30, 2020

“I always make it a point to remember how hard it was to make it to the national team, to keep that passion alive in me because if you take things for granted, you lose what makes it special,” says Raquel Rodriguez.

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Elmhurst College women’s soccer
6 Ways to have an Authentic Soccer Experience in Costa Rica
May 29, 2019

The ultimate guide to experiencing the true soccer culture in Costa Rica!

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3 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should ‘Do’ Spring Break in Costa Rica
April 10, 2019

Spring Break is a chance to do something with your team in a fun and exciting location.  Here are the top three reasons we think that destination should be Costa Rica.

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Denison University’s Global Soccer Class Takes On Costa Rica
March 26, 2019

Denison University is no stranger to the gem that is Costa Rica!

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Why Visiting Costa Rica Can Improve Your Soccer Team’s Game
March 5, 2019

We found that 60% of the college teams we hosted had a better win-loss record the year after visiting Costa Rica than the year before. Coincidence? We doubt it.

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How Costa Rican Competition Can Forever Change Your Game
August 9, 2018

They say iron sharpens iron, and there’s a lot of sharpening going on when North American soccer teams face competition in Costa Rica.

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What’s it Like to Live the World Cup in Costa Rica?
June 15, 2018

We’re excited for the World Cup! Curious what it’s like here in Costa Rica? Here are five ways to tell that it’s World Cup time!

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We are Ready for the World Cup… are you?
June 12, 2018

Our staff is excited about the World Cup.  It’s the fifth time Costa Rica has played in the biggest sporting event in the world and last time they made it to the quarter-finals.

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