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3 Reasons Why Your Soccer Team Should ‘Do’ Spring Break in Costa Rica

Spring Break is a chance to do something with your team in a fun and exciting location.  Here are the top three reasons we think that destination should be Costa Rica:

1) Play in the warm sunshine
Whether your spring break falls in March or April, you’ll be visiting Costa Rica at a time when the weather is virtually perfect. Imagine 75°F, clear skies and a refreshing breeze. Some teams arrive for spring break after months of training indoors because of the North American winter. Coming to Costa Rica will get your team outdoors, playing in the glorious sun and sand.

2) Bring your entire team
Many teams travel during the pre-season, July-August, but school rules often don’t allow incoming freshmen to travel because they haven’t officially started school yet. During spring break, you can bring your entire roster for some all-team bonding time. Also, the soccer experience you gain here can provide a great head start for scrimmages in the following months.

3) Enjoy a vacation while improving your game
Spring break is always a welcome respite from classes, a time to relax and enjoy yourself. But why not make it an opportunity to travel, broaden your horizons AND step up your game on the soccer field? Soccer tours in Costa Rica provide the best of all worlds— the relaxation, enjoyment, adventure and sightseeing of an international vacation, plus the opportunity to learn, train, improve and bond as a team.




Some believers

We have hosted many teams during spring break. Click on the photos below to read about their experience. Your team could be next!

Already convinced? Leave the planning to us, bring your swimsuit and your “A game,” and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime spring break like no other.