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Soccer in Costa Rica

What’s it Like to Live the World Cup in Costa Rica?

We’re excited for the World Cup! Curious what it’s like here in Costa Rica? Here are five ways to tell that it’s World Cup time!


1. The country shuts down

When the National Team plays the country practically paralyzes all operations to focus on that game. Concentration is very important!

2. Red attire is MANDATORY

You must own at least one piece of redclothing. Many people wear the official jersey but if not any red shirt will do. Good luck charms are encouraged!

3. Happy faces all around! 🙂

It would be difficult to find an angry face on game day! Excitement runs high as Costa Ricans normally put their troubles aside at least for one day to truly enjoy this event and unite as one force!

4. Be a hugger!

Costa Ricans will not hesitate to hug literally EVERYONE around them when the “Sele” makes a goal.

5. The streets overflow with excited fans! (if Costa Rica wins)

No one is left behind! After a National team victory Costa Ricans will take to the streets by foot and in car to honk their horns, scream, dance, cheer, hug, and celebrate! Everyone is invited to this party!

Want to experience the amazing soccer culture here in Costa Rica? Contact us today and we’ll craft a custom itinerary just for your team!