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Soccer in Costa Rica

How Soccer Helped a Denison Class Experience Costa Rica

Denison students learn Spanish in Costa RicaDenison University is no stranger to Costa Rica – their Men’s Soccer team visited and returned with more than just soccer experiences – they benefitted from a wealth of knowledge learned about an entirely new culture.

After a great experience with Costa Rica Soccer Tours, they contacted us for more information on planning a special tour for their Global Soccer class which studies the culture of soccer around the world. Since soccer is such a huge part of Costa Rica’s culture, they wanted their trip to focus on the sport and how it has influenced the country’s history.

The Denison Men’s Soccer coach – one of the two professors for the course – accompanied the class on their tour. He was able to initiate a friendly pick-up game in the La Sabana Metropolitan Park in the heart of San Jose. This park is famously popular for pick-up games, and the Denison students didn’t have to look for long before they found the perfect group of locals to play against.

The students were in Costa Rica to learn, so we planned multiple seminars on the social dynamics of soccer to help them examine the game as it relates to the culture of our country.

With plenty of excursions throughout Costa Rica’s lush landscape, there was never a dull moment for the group! They soaked in a natural hot water spring heated by the lava flowing beneath an active volcano, swam under the La Fortuna waterfall, assisted in a community service activity, and played another friendly soccer match with players from a rural village in the rainforest. They were amazed at the differences in technique between the city and rural athletes!

Costa Rica Soccer Tours has activities for all types of groups! Whether you work with a class looking to broaden your knowledge of different cultures, or a competitive soccer team hoping to pick up some new skills from different types of athletes, we can plan the perfect itinerary for you.

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