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Is The Competition In Costa Rica Good Enough For My Team?

Costa Rica soccer competition - girlsFinding the right level of competition for your team is very important when planning an international soccer tour.

On the one hand, you want the players to be challenged and pushed to grow and learn against top quality opponents. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be frustrated because the level of competition is either too weak or too strong for your team.

Striking that perfect balance is key. Fortunately Costa Rica is a destination where foreign teams can find a great mix of skill levels to match with those of their own!

Club teams in Costa Rica have benefitted from enhanced training and support in recent years, and present a formidable opponent to the variety of youth and college teams that visit from America and Canada. Costa Rica Soccer Tours helps find the right teams to match your level of competition, ensuring that a balanced matchup occurs in each of the games you play in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica soccer competition - boysFor example, Loyola Marymount Men’s Soccer, a Division 1 College Team, played against several 2nd division Costa Rican professional teams, as well as a 1st division reserve team.

Head Coach Paul Krumpe said of the experience, “The level of soccer in Costa Rica is perfect for our guys at the D1 College level. We have taken two foreign tours to Costa Rica and returned to the NCAA Tournament after each trip.”

Results are generally very even for touring teams. Division III Women’s soccer teams from Roanoke College and the University of Wisconsin – Platteville were both able to win a game, but also lost as well during their visits.

At the youth level, the results are similar. The Arlington Soccer Association from Baltimore brought a girls team and came out with a 2-1 record, as did the boys’ team from Kimball Union Academy, a high school from Massachusetts.

Jorge Montoya, the coach for Belmont Hill School from Lexington, MA, described his team’s experience with enthusiasm: “After 3 trips to Costa Rica my experience has been second to none. Costa Rica Soccer Tours has done an outstanding job finding us challenging matches for our team. The year I brought over a stronger team, Costa Rica Soccer changed our schedule to match our level of play. In this particular trip we were able to play one of the professional U-18 teams. I am sure they can customize your trip just like they did for my team.”

As you can see, both high school teams and college teams each found an excellent level of competition during their trip to Costa Rica. In a country that is growing in stature among soccer nations, the quality of competition presents a great opportunity for your team to compete and develop while enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

Give your team the challenge and competition they need to succeed! Click here to check our tour options and prices.