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Thrills and Chills in Spooktacular Costa Rica

Halloween Costa RicaJust in time for Halloween, we’d like to advise our readers that no matter how bewitchingly boo-tiful Costa Rica is year-round, some spooky things can happen on a soccer tour here.

Here are five of the most fear-inducing experiences you may encounter, even though we swear on our vampire graves that you’ll have a monstrously good time.


1. Volcanoes Ready to Rumble!

Volcanos in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has 110 volcanoes! It would be scary, but only five of them are active and they are well monitored by the Costa Rican geological association. Costa Rica is located on the edge of the Ring of Fire, where two tectonic plates meet in the Pacific Ocean.

A decade ago you could see fiery rocks shooting out of the beautiful cone opening at the top of Arenal Volcano. These days, you are more likely to only see puffs of smoke rising out of there. Costa Rica’s volcanoes are some of its most majestic sights! Don’t miss it!

2. Heart Rates Through the Roof

Zip-lining in Costa RIca

You can’t spell “terror” without “error”, and you may feel you’ve committed one when you approach the first rapids on your whitewater rafting tour – or step onto the vertigo-inducing platform for your first zipline through the treetops.

One of the things Costa Rica is really good at is serving up thrilling adventures with a few spoonfuls of fear. The trick is to get your butterflies flying in formation and just take the plunge. When it’s over, you’ll be so glad you did it.

And yet, it’s so peaceful up there in the jungle canopy while you are waiting on your zipline, except for the screams of terror from your teammates…




3. Jaguars, Monkeys, and Whales, Oh My!

You can get a look at Costa Rica’s apex predator, the jaguar, at one of several nature reserves, but you can also spot lots of animals in the wild, including sloths, coatis, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, squirrels and skunks.

Monkeys are also ubiquitous, and screams are sometimes heard in open-air dining halls when they jump onto your table to steal some sugar.

Hopefully you won’t freak out if you are enjoying the catamaran tour and see a whale greeting your friends.


4. The Long, Winding, Narrow and Scary Road

Driving in Costa RicaWith its narrow, winding roads, one-lane bridge, frequent downpours, and occasional fog, one of the scariest things you can possibly do in Costa Rica is DRIVE.

Fortunately, we have outstanding chauffeurs that do all the driving for you — but if you have some heart-pounding moments just looking out the bus window, you wouldn’t be the first.


5. Rice and Beans for Breakfast?

Food in Costa Rica

It would be unthinkable to offer a proper Costa Rican breakfast without gallo pinto (“speckled rooster”), a tasty mound of mixed rice and black beans. (Of course, there’s plenty of other stuff too.)

Don’t be scared; Just add some Salsa Lizano, and soon you’ll be addicted.

Bottom line, Costa Rica is not as frightening as it might sound. It’s only scary-easy to have a great time here.

The real horror would be for you to miss this trip.