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2019 Girls ODP Tournament Game 2 Recap

The USA teams geared up for an exciting Day 2 of the 2019 Girls ODP Tournament. We are so proud of all the girls for fighting through the strong heat to deliver strong and competitive matches!


East vs. DIMAS

Today, East played their second match, this time against DIMAS. The game was not as physical and demanding as yesterday’s, but it was still very interesting and entertaining. In the first half, the ball possession was 50-50, but the Eastern girls managed to get to their opponent’s box seven times. One of the shots made scored the first goal! Payton Patrick was moving fast from one side to the other, and she was finally able to score the goal before the first half ended.

The second half was more intense as DIMAS started pressing more and more until they found their goal opportunity with Yurieth Valdez, one of their best players. It was an impressive goal, hit with the left foot from outside the box. Despite their exhaustion, both teams kept pushing.

DIMAS’ player Johanna Carrillo was able to score their second goal later on by taking a shot from outside the box, straight into the goalie ́s left upper angle… nothing to do there! Sadly, the East had to go back to the hotel with a loss today, but we know this won’t hinder their success in the tournament. This time, Erin Flurey was named the MVP of the match and both teams spent some time together before leaving.

Midwest vs. Moravia

Midwest’s second match started off fast-paced since they were dealing with one of the most experienced teams in Costa Rica: Moravia. Both teams displayed enthusiasm and hard work. The sun was shining brighter than ever, but the 22 starting players were running like their lives depended on it.  

An intense fight developed in the midfield over possession of the ball. Moravia’s players were solid and very fast, especially on the sides, but the Reds had no problem swinging the ball from one side of the court to the other.

Moravia had a couple of options with Diana Saenz entering from the right wing into the center, but the Midwest defense was determined not to let her or- any other Moravia player- in. During the second half, both teams seemed a little tired. The sun was heavy, the field was hard, and the players’ legs were hurting. This led to Moravia getting another chance, this time as a free kick, and they took advantage of it.

After a curious problem involving Moravia’s coach invading the field, the referee decided to extend the match for three more minutes, but the time was not enough for the Midwest girls to tie up the situation. The final score of the match was 1-0 in favor of Moravia.

In the MVP ceremony, both teams highlight the strength and presence of the girls during the match. Aeryn Kennedy was chosen as the MVP for the Region and the girls went back to the hotel in order to prepare for their next match on Tuesday. Don’t give up, there is still another chance!

South vs. Saprissa

One of the hybrid pitches of the “Centro de Alto Rendimiento LDA” was for the Southern Region to play Saprissa in their second match of the tournament. The girls handled their timing very well and ran across the field with elegance and power.

It was minute 28 when Megan Speihs threw a great pass to Jodi Smith, who was able to score the first goal for the South. After this great move, both teams had their water break and came back to the field renewed. Due to their intense style, there were a lot of faults, but the ball possession remained even.

Saprissa was able to tie the match with Maria Paula Salas and the first half ended 1-1. During the break, both teams conversed with their corresponding coaches in order to find a better strategy to break each other ́s defensive wall. Saprissa’s strategy worked first and Salas scored again.

The girls from the South Region showed good dribbling and ball trapping until Shania Diaz threw an awesome cross and Pia Beaulieu ran towards the long post and launched the ball with an instep drive to make the score 2-2. After these exciting goals, the game pace slowed down for a while until finally, the referee called it quits.

After wishing the best to the other team, both shared some words in the MVP ceremony. The coaches highlighted that aside from all the difficulties that could have been encountered in a match, they were there because of their true passion for soccer and that is what really mattered. Pia Beaulieu was named MVP this time. Great work girls, keep it up!

West vs. CODEA

The West Region played a very intense match today as the sun continued to beat down on the players. Today the game was against the team from CODEA, a highly praised and skillful group of players. During the first 5 minutes of the game, both teams had one option to score, but none of them did. Coach Travis Matterson asked the girl to keep pressing hard in the last quarter of the field.

It seems like his direction paid off since the girls did a great job trying to squeeze CODEA ́s defense until they were able to penetrate and score the only goal of the first half; It was Zoe Lam who defeated the goalkeeper after stealing the ball in the midfield.

In the first half, one of the secret weapons of the team was Kendra McDaniel, who came from the bench to enhance the midfield touching. She created effective combinations, displayed great through passes, and strong screening. On the other side of the field, CODEA kept pushing hard with a very strong forward duet, Pricilla Chinchilla and Fernanda Barrantes.

During the second half, CODEA started more aggressive which caused the Region girls to step back a little bit, but they never gave up. Even though there were many faults, CODEA was not able to finish any of their free kicks.

The Blacks continued running until the end. During minute 39 it paid off… Again, Zoe Lam appeared and was able to assist Olivia Garcia, who scored with great skill. The referee blew the whistle and, just like that, the match was over. West Region had won its second match. This time Breanna Norris was picked as the MVP of the game. Congratulations once again girls!