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Mountains, Beaches, and Plenty of Soccer During UVU Women’s Trip to Costa Rica

Utah Valley Beach photoCosta Rica Soccer Tours was so excited to receive the Utah Valley University Women’s Soccer trip in Costa Rica!

When they arrived at the airport, they started off the day trying Costa Rica’s famous breakfast: gallo pinto (rice and beans) with scrambled eggs. We then whisked them away to San Carlos to see one of our most beautiful rainforests. The whole team was thrilled that their adventure would begin so quickly, and were anxious to see what we had in store for them once they finished their breathtaking hike. 

When the UVU Women’s coach contacted Costa Rica Soccer Tours to request their custom trip itinerary, they asked for fun team activities, plenty of relaxation, and lots of soccer. After their hike through the rainforest, the team met on the soccer pitch of a small town, nestled between the local farms and lush rainforest that make up beautiful San Carlos. Here, the team was able to fit in a quick training session beneath one of Costa Rica’s majestic volcanoes, the Arenal Volcano.

The next day, the team was back out on the jungle trails for one of the main events of their trip: a hike to the La Fortuna Waterfall. Here, the women witnessed the peace, beauty, and biodiversity that make our country unique. They returned to the hotel for a quick break before it was time to head back out to the field, this time for their very first friendly match against San Carlos’ soccer team. The game ended with a win for the UVU Women, who made sure to celebrate before heading off to bed to rest up for another day full of adventures.

The following morning, the women strapped on their helmets and life vests, and set out on a white water rafting excursion down the Río Balsa. After that adrenaline rush, they were pleased to find out that their next stop would be to one of the best hot springs hotels in the country. The entire team enjoyed relaxing in the warm waters heated by the active volcano nearby.

From the peak of a volcano to the sandy shores of the Pacific Beach, the UVU Women were able to experience it all! Once they arrived at Flamingo Beach the following day, they checked into their hotel and ventured out into Tamarindo, which is known to be the best “downtown beach” experience for visitors. After exploring the city, they reconvened for another team training session before jumping in on a zip line tour over the rainforest canopy. Talk about an action-packed day!

“There is a perfect balance of soccer and fun! It is a great tour that lets you experience the rainforest, the beach, and the city.”

– Amanda Mangelson, Utah Valley University Women’s Soccer Team

The girls had time for another practice before heading to “El Manantial”, where they were able to work with local impoverished children as part of their community service. Many teams request at least one community service activity while visiting Costa Rica, and working with these young children is always an incredible experience.

It was a good thing the UVU Women were able to squeeze in that team training session; they had a match against Moravia to get ready for! Moravia is known as one of the very best in Costa Rica, and the UVU Women knew they had a very difficult match ahead of them. Fortunately, they were able to recall everything they had practiced during their training sessions, as well as some of the techniques used by their opponent in their first match, and the UVU Women left the field with their second win of the week.

On the very last day, the crew visited another famous waterfall called La Paz Waterfall before they left for their final and most important match of the tour. This time they were facing a truly formidable opponent: Costa Rica’s National Team. Yes, the UVU Women would be competing against THE National Team! Both teams left it all on the field, giving the game everything they had. In the end, Costa Rica’s National Team scored the final goal to close out the win against Utah 2-1. It was an amazing game!

We hope that the Utah Valley University women left our country with a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget. Thank you to the Utah Valley for allowing Costa Rica Soccer Tours to plan your team trip, and we hope to see you again in the future!

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