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Meaningful Volunteer Work During The Lawrence Technical Soccer Trip

Lawrence Technical Soccer Trip To Costa RicaWhen your team books a trip with Costa Rica Soccer Tours, they’ll get so much more than competitive soccer competitions or opportunities to train. They’ll have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a brand new culture, and even volunteer to help children in the local community!

During the Lawrence Technical University Blue Devils’ trip to Costa Rica, we planned a truly memorable experience for the team. The men were paired with the Children of Dimas Escazu, a local soccer team for young boys living in a region just outside of the capital city of San José.

Once the teams had the opportunity to meet each other, the players split into groups and practiced some soccer drills. The LTU men were able to teach some advanced techniques to the boys, and they were surprised when the young athletes taught them a thing or two as well. The morning ended with one of the most exciting matches we’ve ever seen: “everyone” against LTU! The result was 67 kids against 22 LTU players. Needless to say, everyone had a great time.

The kids loved their time spent with the players and the LTU men loved the experience and the new friends they made that morning.

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Lawrence Technical Soccer Trip Photos