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Teaching, Learning, & Exploring During The Centenary Women’s Soccer Trip

Centenary Women's Soccer TripDo you think your team is good enough to coach younger athletes? Does your team have the competitive edge they need to win against the most challenging of opponents? Are they itching to explore new and exciting places and partake in once-in-a-lifetime adventures?

If so, now’s the perfect time to book their trip to Central America with Costa Rica Soccer Tours!

Centenary University Women’s Soccer coach Kevin Davies had great faith in his team. They had proven themselves time and again, and he knew that they would benefit from a trip overseas to experience their beloved sport from a whole new perspective.

From the moment the team landed in San Jose, they were immediately immersed in the local culture. They enjoyed an afternoon exploring the capital city, and even had time to stop at a souvenir shop to purchase some handmade mementos.

The next day, the women dove head-first into a day filled with soccer. After a morning team training session, they made their way to a soccer field where a group of underprivileged children were anxiously awaiting their arrival. The Centenary women hosted a soccer clinic for the children, teaching them new skills and tricks that the kids then used in a quick game. We’re not sure who had the most fun: the children or the Centenary women!

After lunch and a bit of down time, the women played in their very first friendly match against Moravia, a highly competitive local soccer team. It was time for the teachers to become the students; Centenary learned quite a few new tricks and moves from team Moravia. It was quite an experience playing against athletes from a different country, and both teams played spectacularly.

The women had two more friendly matches as they made their way from San Jose to the San Carlos Rainforest. In between matches and team training sessions, there was plenty of time for a bit of fun and adventure!

From taking a dip in natural hot water springs, to white water rafting through the rainforest, to a zip line tour over the jungle canopy, there was no shortage of excitement and beautiful sights to take in. There was even a chance to train as a team on the beach as the Pacific Ocean lapped up against their feet.

By the end of the trip, the women of Centenary University could not stop talking about all they had experienced. There were so many teaching and learning opportunities packed into one incredible nine day visit to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

“The tour was such a great experience in every way possible. I became closer with my team and the Costa Rican teams definitely helped to prepare us for our upcoming season,” remarked player Chloe Christopher. This is one trip the team will never forget!

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