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10 Ways For Your Team To Volunteer In Costa Rica

For the past 20 years, we have have been able to watch soccer players grow both on and off the field. It’s great to see them adjust quickly to a different style of play, bond together as a team, and explore the country of Costa Rica. But, without a doubt, the experience that always ranks as the highlight of the trip is the community service project.

Below are some of the many ways that soccer teams have volunteered during their soccer tour to Costa Rica:

#1: Play games with underprivileged children

Volunteer In Costa Rica 1

#2: Organize some soccer drills with children

Volunteer In Costa Rica 2

#3: Help with in-class art project and activities

Volunteer In Costa Rica 3

#4: Read books to the children

Volunteer In Costa Rica 4

#5: Help prepare food at a children’s soup kitchen

Volunteer In Costa Rica 5

#6: Serve food to kids at the soup kitchen

Volunteer In Costa Rica 6

#7: Paint faces

Volunteer In Costa Rica 7

#8: Donate school supplies or soccer gear

Volunteer In Costa Rica 8

#9: Paint a mural as a beautification project at a community center

Volunteer In Costa Rica 9

#10: Enjoy the children’s smiles and encourage them to stay in school

Volunteer In Costa Rica 10

Soccer teams that come to Costa Rica are making a difference in our community. They come for the competitive and athletic challenge, but they are leaving behind something even more important. They are touching the lives of Costa Rican children by spending a little bit of time during their tour giving back to children with less opportunities. We hope you and your team will get a chance to have some of these experiences too.