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Idaho State Women’s Soccer Connects With Community in Costa Rica

Idaho State University Women's Soccer TripThere’s something about helping out around the community that can really have an impact on a person. During Idaho State University’s Women’s Soccer Trip to Costa Rica, the community service activity was among the most memorable experiences, and one that really helped bring the team together.

After a day of settling into their hotel, completing a brief orientation, and working through an evening team training session, the women were ready to start the next day off on a high note. Costa Rica Soccer Tours had coordinated a community service activity at a local school for children in need living in extreme poverty.

Idaho State University Women's Soccer Trip - community service

The team taught the children some soccer skills…and even learned a few tricks themselves from the kids!

These incredible centers provide healthy meals, an education, and emotional support for these young children. By allowing the team a chance to work closely with these boys and girls, they were able to experience a way of life they may otherwise have never known about. From the looks of the photographs they sent back to us, it seems like everyone had a blast!

To get a complete feel of what life in Costa Rica is like, the community service activity was followed by a walking tour of the capital city of San José. The team visited the National Museum, Legislative Assembly, Central Park, Supreme Court, and the National Theater. They really got a taste of the history and culture that has made this beautiful country such a rich and historic place.

Day 2 culminated in the team’s first friendly match against Dimas, a local competitive soccer team. Bolstered by their positive experience that day, the Idaho State women dominated the field, winning the match 4-1.

The team continued to perform spectacularly on the field, wrapping up their time abroad with a 3-0 record. They had the chance to play all different types of teams, from younger competitive teams to experienced professionals. Each game ended with a chance for the teams to sit down and enjoy a snack of fresh fruit, chatting about the game and what life is like in their respective countries. It was an excellent way to learn even more about the communities that the team spent their time in, as they made their way across the country.

This tour is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you get the chance to go, I’d definitely recommend it.”

– Karlon Wurlitzer (Player)

Everything was a learning experience, from the zip line tour over the rainforest canopy (where the team learned about the flora and fauna that make up the scenery), to the white water rafting excursion (where the women got their adrenaline pumping and learned just what extreme things they were capable of!) Of course, we made sure to factor plenty of down-time into their custom itinerary, including plenty of time on the beach.

The tour was awesome and great team experience. I think we are all walking away a better team-people.”

– Tristen Spooner (Player)

At the end of their week-long stay, the Idaho State Women’s Soccer Team left Costa Rica with a deep understanding of an entirely different culture, and a connection with a community of people nearly half a world away. What an incredible opportunity!

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Idaho State University Women’s Soccer Trip Photos